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SEPT 2021

Photography: Grace Liu

Commercial Shoot for Yellow Apparel

Model and Designer: Nicklaus Byerly

Creative Direction: Roena Ong

For Yellow Apparel,
and for her.

Creating this campaign was something that needed to do justice and correct execution. When Nick told me his story, his entire line is embroiled in both grief and joy—built from faith, passion and determination.
I had to meditate on how to tell his story. How to capture the essence of what ties Nick to his brand.
Then I remembered Van Gogh. His madness and creation all exploded into works of colourful sombre, and I wanted to evoke that same feeling with @_yellowapparel. There was a twinge of emotion being put into place that was shared with the designer: from mood board to prop making, and I was glad to have Grace Liu understand the emotion we were trying to convey.

A surreal, persevering, and mad type of love.

Because like Vision’s words to Wanda, “what is grief, but love persevering”

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