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Artist Bio

Roena Ong is a Filipino-Canadian that was born and raised in Kuwait, and educated in Vancouver, Canada. Currently residing in Seoul, she is most recognized for her editorials and personal style. Initially, this Emily Carr alumnus intended to be a character designer and concept artist for film and video game development. However, when she realized that she couldn’t diverge from her love of fashion, she found herself working as a costume designer for independent/student films.


           The methods of world-building fascinated Roena. She enjoyed the interplay between character and costume,  and how it establishes narrative and influences perceptions. Now, she uses her skills as a concept/visual artist and designer in her career as a stylist and creative director. Whether it be personal or corporate, her purpose is to elevate brand identity through her style and consultation. Today she is often found collaborating with local entrepreneurs within her city to create exciting content for their brand and social media.

로에나 옹은 쿠웨이트에서 태어나고 자란 필리핀계 캐나다인입니다.

대학에서 미술사와 비즈니스 교육을 받고. 컨셉 아티스트로 정식 교육을받은 그녀는 비디오 게임의 캐릭터 디자이너가 되려고 했습니다.

이제 그녀는 그 기술들을 통해 패션 스타일리스트로서 활동하고 있으며,지속적으로 각종 패션 에디토리얼 작업들을 이어가고 있습니다.



Fashion Styling

Administrative Asst.

Production Coordination

Costume Design

Art Direction

Brand Consultation

Graphic Design


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